Pick the Right Location is also make you to look more photogenic. There are location for photo-shoot like Your home, Picnic area, Farm, Parks, Grass Field, Beside the little lake Blossom Locations, Mountains, Summer forest, Winter forest. Choose the right location for your photo-shoot and it’s easy to choose a portrait location based on convenience, Things to keep in mind when considering your location

Choose a Comfortable Location

Location should be comfortable, You want your images to show your family and the joy you have together. Think of a location that helps you feel comfortable, relaxed and where you can be yourselves. If you choose an outdoor portrait location, there’s always a chance that the weather will spoil the party. Look for a location which has some sort of shelter nearby. If the weather gets really bad you may even be able to move your whole photo-shoot under cover. With open-sided shelter you can often recompose to keep a natural background behind your subject, and as long as the lighting is good enough nobody will ever tell you weren’t fully outdoors.

Choose a Meaningful Location

When choosing a location walk around and see if you can find different places that offer a lot of variety for shooting. Once you know you can get a permit or permission for your chosen possible locations, you can visit the them. While there, be sure to take as many pictures as you can, preferably with a quality camera rather than with your mobile phone. Try to think like the photographer when you are location scouting.

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