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Buy Antabuse (disulfiram)

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Antabuse (disulfiram) the treatment of alcohol dependence.
Instructions drug Antabuse is actually quite simple, the main thing in it - it does not adopt this drug with contraindications. When taken as a drink Antabuse, how are these tablets?

The usefulness of the drug Antabuse:
While Antabuse pills is an extremely powerful deterrent to alcohol dependence, this drug is not suitable for all patients with diabetes or other significant changes in metabolism is not possible to use it. However, if your doctor recommends after a survey of this drug, you can buy Antabuse online pharmacy, and start taking it, making it their own or as part of a method of group therapy. Using these pills as a way to cope with your addiction. You need to take the medication for alcohol dependence in strict compliance with the recommendations. In accordance with a prescription, you should stick to the recommended dose, and also never to drink alcohol in any dose using tablets.

This product can be found on the shelves of pharmacies in different countries under the same name:
Alcophobin, Anticol, Aversan, Diabuse, Disulfiramo, Disulfiramum, Disulphiram, Esperal, Etabus, Etiltox, Refusal, Tenutex

How do Antabuse pills, if you drink alcohol:
Unlike other drugs only weaken the alcohol cravings, Antabuse pills work by causing a hangover like reaction occurs if the body mixing with alcoholic beverages. For example, a glass of strong liquor, drunk when you use the tablet for you is likely to cause confusion, vomiting, nausea, and other serious side effects of alcohol intoxication. This applies to the majority of people suffering from alcohol dependence, and forces them to stay away from alcohol completely. Drinking alcohol can lead to very serious consequences, even to death. Numerous tests have shown a 50% increase in the efficiency of abstinence. While pills are very effective, taking their man to be motivated and disciplined to get a long therapeutic result. Quick specific antidote mixture of disulfiram and alcohol in the body is not as secure inhibitor eliminating such toxic response urgently. For the majority of sufferers are also an important factor is the support of family and friends.

As the tablets are treated by alcohol:
In typical cases, the doctor-psychiatrist after examination of the absence of contraindications appoints Antabuse tablets during the first few weeks of 500 mg daily dose, and then daily maintenance dose - 200 mg. However, such medical treatment can not be used as a template, it is required to take into account the individual characteristics of the patient. Therefore, pre- and post-dose must be determined solely by the attending physician. The number of persons who did not use alcohol or other drugs for months or even years of treatment, is not suffering from any side effects, it is very large. But there are some complications in the form of sleepiness, metallic taste in the mouth and headache.

In general, all of these side effects have been studied and they occur, are usually only in the initial phase of treatment, and then disappear after a while. But if you continue to be treated with this drug and have been serious or chronic side effects - should seek medical help as soon as possible.

The use of drugs, operating on a different principle to reduce the craving for alcohol to cause a hangover or a similar reaction to it may be more appropriate in some cases. In the world continue to research and develop new medicines, thereby kinds of tablets for the treatment of alcoholism is getting bigger. The main thing is to take the appropriate measures have been approved by your doctor. Even if the psychiatrist prescribed buy Antabuse tablets or any other medication, it is advisable to take them wisely, taking into account the possible consequences. By purchasing Antabuse pills online pharmacy without a prescription, you need to take them for a few weeks or even months that began to show the first signs of improvement, and you'll be on your way to full recovery!

Buy Antabuse online without prescription